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PVsyst Software Import Growatt Inverter Introduction

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Growatt 750-S

Model parameters

If you want to evaluate a full project on the system, please refer to the following steps

PVsyst operating instructionsIf you don't have the software installed, please click here to download the documentation.

1.After the installation is complete, find "PVsyst 6.8.3" on the desktop and double-click the running software.

2. Directly default, click "OK"

3. Open the software and click on "Databases"

4. Click on "Grid inverter"

Note:If there is a model you need in the list, select the desired model directly. If not, select “New” to create a new one (that is, step 6).

5.Manufacturer select:Growatt New Energy Choose the type of inverter you need, "double click" or "click: open"

6. Then click on "New" to create a new one.

7. Click "Paste from table" to paste, click "OK" to save

8. Click "SaveAS" directly to continue saving

9. Click "Save" to save the completion.

After saving, double-click the saved information in the list or click "Open" (that is, step 5)